Good day!

My name is Natalia, I'm the owner of the kennel «Bon Plaisir».

    I am very pleased that you have paid attention to the site of my kennel. I hope you will find here exactly what you need. I tried not to zamusorivat website reprint other people's thoughts and various arcane texts that are only needed in order to create the appearance that the abundance of information. Here only that, in my opinion, really matters.

    I do cynology over 20 years. He worked in large nurseries, and in the veterinary field. With the accumulation of knowledge and experience, I felt that I could become an independent breeder. Coincidentally - at the same time for me it is understood that in the context of urban life can afford the contents of several small dogs of those breeds that are called decorative.

    After examining the typical character, behavior and needs of the different breeds I especially allocated for itself breed spaniel - Papillons. So in my life there was a USB flash drive - my first girl - Papillon.

    Today I am very glad that it is not mistaken - Papillons really appeared friendly, social, intelligent and positive dogs. Flash card Fenya and Vici, who live with me, bring to the life of my family a lot of goodness and joy. The children of my breeding as already gladden many owners in different parts of Russia ...

    Maybe you should buy my magnificent little friend - the dog breed Papillon?

   Waiting for you!

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